If you are going on a cruise a standard travel policy does not always provide the most appropriate cover.

Cruise insurance provides specialist cover should you have problems specific to your cruise holiday.

Our cruise holiday insurance includes extra cover for:

Cabin confinement

If you are confined to your cabin for a day or more by the ship’s medical officer, we will compensate you for the days of your cruise that you can’t enjoy.

£100 per day for a maximum of 5 days.

Cruise interruption

If your cruise is interrupted because you need unexpected medical treatment on shore, the policy will pay not only for your medical treatment but also the costs of getting you to the next port to re-join your cruise, or the cost of your repatriation back to the UK if less than 25% of your cruise remains.

£1000 to cover rejoining your cruise


Required costs to repatriate you back to the UK and compensation for you, for the portion of your cruise cost that you have been unable to enjoy, we call this curtailment cover.

Missed port departure

If you missed your cruise departure due to problems with public transport, vehicle breakdown or were delayed by an accident-induced traffic jam on your journey to the port, the policy will pay for you to meet the ship at the next port on your itinerary.

Unused excursions

For any pre-booked excursions you have missed due to being taken ill on board, our cruise travel insurance will cover you for up to £100 per excursion that you miss and for up to 5 missed excursions in total.

Withdrawal of Services

If something goes wrong with your ship for more than 48 hours which results in services being withdrawn, we will compensate you £50 for each 24 hours thereafter for a maximum of 10 days.

Money and Passport

If you lose your money or passport after starting your journey, or theft occurs whilst on your cruise, we will pay up to £750 for you to obtain a new passport and up to £250 for lost cash.

Travel Delay and Disruption

If you are flying to join your cruise and your flight is delayed (due to strike, industrial action, adverse weather, mechanical breakdown or technical fault) by more than 2 hours, we will provide access to an airport lounge or provide £50 compensation – you will need to call from the airport +44 (0)1689 892 253 for the lounge access to be provided. This number is available 24/7 365.

If the delay is greater than 24 hours, then you are able to abandon your cruise and we will cover the cost of the cruise/flights/hotels/pre-paid and pre booked excursions that you have insured with us.

Scheduled Airline Failure

If you are flying to meet your cruise or return from your cruise and your flights have been booked directly so do not form part of a package –  if the airline with whom you have booked to fly becomes insolvent, we will provide cover for any irrecoverable sums you have already paid prior to outbound travel. If the airline fails after you have departed and before you return home, we will pay additional pro-rata costs for you to replace the flight, or if curtailment is unavoidable the cost of return flights to the UK.

Natural Catastrophe

This covers: fire caused by the forces of nature, flood, earthquake, explosion, tsunami, volcanic eruption, landslide, avalanche, hurricane, cyclone or storm. Flood is a risk for river cruises, because swollen rivers have higher water levels which prevent ships passing under bridges.

Please review the full terms and conditions of cover within the Policy Wording.

Cruise travel insurance with medical conditions

It is important that you disclose any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of booking the holiday. Cruise lines will not allow passengers on board without adequate travel insurance, and normally a few weeks before the holiday, the cruise line will send medical questionnaires out to the passengers asking for details and in some cases proof of adequate cover, they will also want to know the contact details for your travel insurers Emergency Assistance Team.

The benefits of our scheme include:

Up to age 100

Up to £100,000 cancellation and curtailment per person

£Unlimited medical expenses

No cancellation period maximum – over 2 yrs on risk all OK… and longer

Cargo ship pax accepted too

All cruise risks covered – missed port, adverse weather, natural catastrophe, missed excursion, cabin confinement etc… all specific to cruising, so you can set sail with total peace of mind.

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