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July 20, 2024

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Pre-existing conditions travel insurance

Travel insurance plans have an automatic exclusion for pre-existing conditions, which means they do not cover costs related to a pre-existing condition.

Cruise Insurance

If you are going on a cruise a standard travel policy does not always provide the right level of cover. Cruise insurance provides additional cover should you have problems specific to the cruise holiday.

Travel Agents

The government is very concerned about people travelling overseas without adequate insurance, they have launched the Travel Aware campaign to highlight the risks that travellers face if the travel without the correct insurance.

Tour Operators

The FCA regulates tour operators who sell insurance as part of their holiday, and this controls the way in which the insurance is sold and makes sure that the customer is aware of the process, and the areas that are covered.

What we offer

We give you our time, experience and knowledge ensuring that you have the best insurance solution for your business. Our bespoke approach is where we truly add value and make a positive difference to our clients. We are proud that we do not rely upon ‘off the shelf’ products (which in most cases do not meet the client’s requirements).

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